Take control of your finances.

Easily track your income and expenses, set budgets, and get notified when you're getting close to your limits with all your accounts in one place!

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Loocent's financial management dashboard

About Loocent

We get it – managing money can be a hassle. That's why we created Loocent. Manage all your money in one place, so you can easily see where your money goes and find ways to save. We use simple charts to show your spending, so you can make smarter choices about your budget.


Gain control of your finances with Loocent's comprehensive financial management and budget tracking features.

Your Financial Hub

Connect multiple accounts and view transactions in one place for easier financial management.

Categorize Everything

Categorize your transactions to better understand your spending habits.

Date Range Analysis

Analyze your bank transactions and expenses within a specified period, such as the past month or quarter.

Personalize Everything

Change spending category's for personalization, exclude transactions from your expenses or income, and more.

Add Cash Transactions

Paid cash and want to track it? Add a transaction manually and make sure it's accounted for!

Set Your Budgets

Set monthly budgets on individual categories and stay on top of your spending habits. Get notified when nearing your limit.


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